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Private Jet Flights Chicago, IL


5 to 8 seats for passengers, for exclusive private flights to your favorite destinations. This is suitable for short-range private flights.

Enjoy the skies with your friends and family, and avoid traffic congestion. Instead of driving for long hours, why not enjoy the view and your conversation as you travel from city to city.


5 to 8 seats for passengers but with a bigger room for other amenities and storage for luggage. Mid-size jets relatively have the same seat capacity as light jets but with more generous space. It can also fly to more distant locations with five hours of continuous travel time.

Groups on vacation would have a bigger jet that will allow them to gather and celebrate with their bottle of champagne and great food as they enjoy the view of the skies with great music.

Super Mid-Size

Super Mid-Size jets offer a seating capacity for 7 to 9 passengers. These are more spacious than mid-size jets, with also more amenities. Super mid-size jets are perfect for a small group of passengers who live a life full of excitement and enjoy conversations for hours.

These jets offer more freedom of movement with higher headroom that allows its passengers to enjoy the journey more. Super mid-size jets can also accommodate more cabin crew that will give outstanding in-air services to our clients.

Business executives would want to maximize their flight time by working as they travel to avail of these super mid-size jets. This is conducive for the state to state travels with bigger interior space for conducting meetings with a small group of passengers.


Accommodating 9 to 15 seats, heavy private jets can travel short-range but with more passengers or internationally.

This is a famous private jet among corporate moguls and business executives who want to conduct meetings and continue their work as they fly long distances.

Big groups who would want to travel abroad privately with exclusive amenities, food, and drinks prepared based on the passengers’ preferences avail of these types of jets.

Connect With Us!

Private Jet Charter is all about excellent service, the client, the flight, and the private aircraft. You’re entitled to special privileges and services designed to make your charter flight experience the best it can be!

We'll Take Care Of You!

Your peace of mind is essential for us. The fun and excitement of flying in your private jet is nothing without peace of mind. The safety of all our passengers, cabin crew members, and pilots is always our top priority. We want you to only think about your journey and how you can best have fun as you fly with us.

This can be best achieved by selecting only the best in the industry, from all the aircraft available for our passengers to the pilots with years of flying experience and cabin crew members trained to be the best companions in flight. With our Part 135 certification, we assure compliance with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) legal mandates when offering private jet charter services for all.

Fly Private And Be The Master Of Your Own Time!

The comfort of having your entire space up in the skies can be achieved with us, your trusted partner in Private Jets! Private Jet Charter Chicago brings you the opportunity to rent a private jet and enjoy the different amenities and other luxurious offers.

No one is left behind, and no one should experience the stress brought about by sharing your journey with so many people with limited options on what to do and who to be with. Do not limit your time by arriving hours earlier than your flight to be on time.

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