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Getting to your destination does not have to be two-way. There may be instances when you might want to go to another City or State, but you do not plan on going back anytime soon, and you want to enjoy a Private Jet Charter with the people you love.

You may also want to save your money for a luxurious experience at your favorite vacation spots. You do not always have to spend on two-way trips when you can avail of one-way trips through a Private Jet Charter. Enjoy the amenities of Private Jets at a discount and live like you own the skies.

Why Is It Called An Empty Leg?

Point A will be the airport where the aircraft was initially parked. Point B will be the place where the passenger who booked an empty leg charter flight is located. Point C is the desired destination of the passenger who is currently in point B.

Having an empty leg means aviation means to have an aircraft with no passengers from point A to point B.

This means that an aircraft in point B may have to travel without a passenger to accommodate a passenger in Point A. The passenger in Point A booked an Empty-Leg charter to his travel destination, Point C.

The Flight Of The Aircraft From Point A To Point B Is An Empty-Leg

Empty leg charter flights are popular among those who would like to fly a Private Jet Charter but at a discounted rate. The discount on this kind of flight is given as much as 50% to 75% discount.

It is like paying for a commercial airline flight, but you have your aircraft with you to enjoy your loved ones and friends.

Please take note that since this is a one-way trip, the schedule may be changed before your desired date and time of departure. This is why it is essential to be mindful of your schedule when planning to book empty-leg charter flights.

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