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Cargo Charter Chicago

The safety and security of goods transported for commercial transactions are essential for every business. The fast and efficient exchange of goods was made possible through air transportation.

The high volume of finished products, raw materials, and other kinds of goods reach their respective importers. The latter is incredibly beneficial not only to business owners but also to the economy as a whole.

We exercise extraordinary diligence through our Air Cargo Charter services to ensure that not even a piece or part of the goods being transported will be put to waste. We handle goods based on your preferences and the specifications and type of goods to be transported.

Private Jet Charter Chicago can connect you with aircraft that are fit to carry goods such as high volume light and delicate goods, heavy equipment and other machinery, dangerous goods, and high-value commodities such as agricultural products. 

We are committed to giving our clients the smooth and secure transportation of their goods. We also offer the classification of dangerous goods or hazardous materials. This is vital in the continuity of businesses worldwide, and this should be done with utmost diligence.

Some goods might appear to be harmless but, when transported through air, can be risky to the aircraft and its passengers. It is indeed essential to classify, which are dangerous goods or hazardous materials, and what should be the proper way of handling them through air transportation.

Why Choose A Private Cargo Charter?

When your goods are transported exclusively, you’ll have peace of mind. When you fly with us, you’ll be assured of the safety and security of your goods.

We provide a solution-oriented cargo charter service, not to mention outstanding customer service! We have years of experience handling different types of merchandise and we are equipped with the right tools operated by our professional staff to ensure efficiency.

Right from the storage of your cargo to transferring it to the aircraft of your choice, everything will be accounted for. We’ll take into consideration your preferences as we carry your cargo to the target destination.

You can set your schedule and avoid delays! You don’t have to sit around the airport for hours because of a delayed or canceled flight!

On the other hand, your airport options are not limited. As compared to commercial airlines, you have a very limited choice of airports.

Imagine the comfort and convenience you’ll have with a private cargo charter! Fly with private charter Chicago!

What Are Hazardous Materials Or Dangerous Goods?

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) defines dangerous goods as those that “pose danger or unreasonable risk to the aircraft” and “though they may seem harmless, they can be dangerous when transported through an aircraft.”

Some of these goods are often used in our day to day activities. These may seem useful, and no one can doubt its necessity, but its hazardous components pose risks to the aircraft’s people and property.

Some of these include lithium batteries in laptops, smartphones, and battery-operated toys, perfume, mouthwashes, deodorant sprays, among many others.

To avoid inconveniences, you may consult with our customer service providers regarding the safety and viability of transporting your goods.

You may also get a copy of the safety data sheet of the product that you would want to transport or bring with you during a flight. It is better to be safe and consult before your scheduled flights.

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