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Aircraft Management Chicago City

Aircraft Management Chicago

Private Jet Charter Chicago also offers aircraft management services to aircraft owners. Maintenance, repair, and quality checking of aircraft, cabin crew, and pilot training are some of our services.

Part of our commitment to providing safe flights is to allow you to own and manage your aircraft to the best flight condition. This is to also help aircraft owners with the difficulty and technicalities of aircraft maintenance.

Concerning this, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issues certifications that allow aircraft owners to navigate and travel through chartered flights. 

Aircraft owners may find the application for this certification to be stringent, and so, we can also help you by easing this burden and handling the application for you. The following are two of the essential certifications:

FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) Certification

The FAA is responsible for the supervision and control of civil aviation by the United States Department of Transportation. Its primary objective is to ensure the protection of civil aviation.

Our operational control parameters strictly comply with the FAA regulatory requirements in our determination to serve you best. The Federal Aviation Administration strongly regulates general Aviation by Part 91 and Part 135 operations.

Part 91 applies to non-commercial transactions, and the laws set out in Part 135 apply to commercial transactions. We invest in the highest security level, and we’re not going to settle for anything less. Private Jet Chicago takes every measure to ensure your safety.

This includes everyone onboard our private jets, from having the latest security and risk management services to robust pilot training protocols and more.

A comprehensive transformation of the entire Aircraft Certification Safety System enables greater agility in adapting to the dynamic environment while sustaining the FAA’s global leadership in the advancement of aviation safety.

Part 135 Certification

This certification is issued to private jet operators who would want to offer chartered flight services or private flights for compensation.

This also covers the authority issued to air charters in handling hazardous materials or dangerous goods in air transportation under the mandated (FAA) hazardous materials program.

This program provides guidelines and requirements on how hazardous materials should be stored and transported. The training of pilots and cabin crew for private flights were also covered under the Part 135 Certification.

Part 91 Certification

This certification under the Federal Aviation Regulations (FAR) covers the general operations. It is issued to airline operators who do not offer their aircraft for chartered flights or private flights for compensation or non-commercial operations.

Thus, the dangerous goods or hazardous materials being carried by pilots are not required to go through the hazardous materials program for aircraft operating under a Part 91 certification.

The intricacies of operating and managing your aircraft should not be a burden. We are here to help and guide you in flying through your private jet.

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Private Jet Charter Chicago is all about excellent service, the client, the flight, and the private aircraft. You’re entitled to special privileges and services designed to make your charter flight experience the best it can be! Enjoy a more convenient and comfortable flight!

We understand your time is valuable and our professional team is available to process your flight requests and prepare all of the necessary permits and your in-flight catering preferences. We’re always ready to serve you with the aircraft of your choice!

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