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Fly Private And Be The Master Of Your Own Time!

The comfort of having your entire space up in the skies can be achieved with us, your trusted partner in Private Jets! Private Jet Charter Chicago brings you the opportunity to rent a private jet and enjoy the different amenities and other luxurious offers.

No one is left behind, and no one should experience the stress brought about by sharing your journey with so many people with limited options on what to do and who to be with. Do not limit your time by arriving hours earlier than your flight to be on time.

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Private Jet Charters Are More Advantageous

Do not allow several hours of preparation and waiting to anticipate long lines and strenuous check-in processes. To be early means to be on time, and we want this for you. We also want you to have your family and friends share memorable travel experiences.

We want you to have the capacity to get things done through air transportation while also traveling efficiently. By traveling through a private jet, you get to avoid traffic on the road and even on the air.

  • Fly At The Comfort Of Your Exclusive Plane
  • Be Productive And Get Things Done
  • No Time Wasted And Get Things Done
  • Your Safety Is Our Priority
  • The Windy City

Common Frequently Asked Questions

At Private Jet Chicago, we advocate for an informed consumer for we believe that our clients will be happier when they’re well-informed of the ins and outs of our services. Thus, we’ll provide for you answers to the most frequently asked questions concerning our operations and services.

Yes. Pregnant women can fly in a private jet. It would be more comfortable for pregnant women to fly through a Private Jet charter. It gives them the freedom to be with their loved ones in the comfort of their seats and safe in their own space.

There is no need to gather with hundreds and thousands of other passengers in an airport and wait for hours on the scheduled flight. There is no need to put them into the stress of waking up earlier to arrive on time.

By flying through a private jet, pregnant women can also skip the strict security checkpoints in commercial airports. Also, pregnant women’s safety can be more assured by not exposing them to congested entrances to a commercial plane.

There is no need to worry about the many passengers’ inflow and the possible sickness that one may contract. During family trips, all that is to be considered is how the journey is to be maximized.

However, specific precautionary measures need to be followed. We will require a doctor’s certificate from pregnant women at least 28 weeks into their pregnancy. This is the delicate stage that requires more attention.

Private airlines usually do not allow those who are 36 weeks into their pregnancy. Seatbelts should be worn throughout the flight. This guarantees our pregnant passengers’ safety in their seats, especially if there are turbulences that might occur.

This reduced oxygen level at a high altitude may pose risks to the mother and the unborn child’s health. This is why private jets provide cabin pressurization to compensate for the thin oxygen level while flying.

But for your safety, please inform us ahead of time of all the information regarding your pregnancy, as stated in your medical certificate. All these should be followed to ensure the health and safety of the mother and the unborn child.

Yes. Flying through a private jet charter is an excellent experience for children. They get to see the skies and start their adventure as soon as they board the plane. Kids have a great imagination. They tend to be fearless in seeking the unknown with boundless curiosity.

We recognize this, and we want your kids to make the most of their experience while flying through a private jet charter. Their fun, private jet experience should, of course, be with certain limitations.

The parents’ parents’ obligation to keep the children safe from any harm should be highly prioritized, and this obligation is shared with us, Private Jet Charter Chicago. The children are bound to conduct themselves well inside the private jet, especially during flight.

There shall be no rowdy behavior. We want them to have fun, but their safety should always be put first. When it comes to their food, parents can bring their snacks and meals for their children.


The parents can also make arrangements for our cabin crew regarding their children’s food preferences before the scheduled flight. There are rules and regulations in ensuring the safety and security of our very young passengers.

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recommends using government-approved Child Restraint System (CRS) seats. This shall be available for kids weighing 22 lbs. to 44 lbs.

You may think that car seats may be an excellent alternative for an aircraft, but this is not the case. Car seats should still be CRS approved before they can be used in airplanes.

Yes. This may be good news for pet lovers who cannot travel with their friendly furry companions because of commercial airlines’ strict rules. Pets are part of the family so having a family trip means having your furry friends with you.

No need to worry about what they will eat and how they can be taken care of while you are away because, through Private Jet Charter Chicago, you will take your journey to your favorite vacation destination with your pets.

However, there is a need for further examination of your pets. We have to ensure that they are fit to travel through air transportation.

Some breeds of dogs might not adjust to high altitudes, which might pose health risks to them. It is essential to consult with a veterinarian weeks before your scheduled flight and obtain a certification on whether your pets are fit to travel or not.

Yes. Private Jet Charter Chicago provides an inclusive service, and there shall be no barrier to your comfort as you fly private. We prioritize your comfort even before the start of your journey.

Inform us ahead of how many wheelchairs you will need. You may also bring your wheelchair based on your preferences, the size and weight of the passenger.

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Private Jet Charter is all about excellent service, the client, the flight, and the private aircraft. You’re entitled to special privileges and services designed to make your charter flight experience the best it can be!

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